Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Escape

Did you know that 40-50% of the air in your home came from the crawl space? That’s right, there is no escape from your crawl space. You can close your crawl space up and never go down there and pretend it doesn’t exist. It won’t work; there will come a time that your crawl space will remind you that it does exist. Have you ever noticed a musty odor during or after a heavy to moderate rain? Stack effect is the natural air flow in a home. It starts in the crawl space and moves up through the home. Have you been in your crawl space lately? Pretending your crawl space doesn’t exist does not make your crawl space go away. Out of every breath you take in your home nearly half of the air traveling to your lungs came from the crawl space. Have courage and go in your crawl space and take some pictures. Choose your favorite picture, blow it up and paste pictures of furniture on it. We must all come to grips with the truth that the crawl space is as much a part of our home as our children’s bed rooms or our living room. The best place to start to make sure you have a healthy house is to have a healthy crawl space. A healthy crawl space is a dry encapsulated crawl space. You can run and hide but there is no escape from the CRAWL SPACE. If you would like a healthy crawl space and need a free inspection call 318-828-7897 or visit

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