Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Indiana

Indiana crawl spaces are notorious for developing severe moisture problems that can go undetected until there is serious structural wood damage in the crawl space. Structural wood damage in the crawl space can be very expensive to repair. Also repairing structural wood damage in the crawl space can cause even more damage in the home above the crawl space. Too often home owners do not consider the crawl space an important part of the home structure and think of it as "out of sight, out of mind". The truth is that the crawl space is a place where many damaging and unhealthy problems originate. For example if there are mold problems in the living area or attic the problem most likely started with excessive moisture in the crawl space. Often times these problems are remediated without ever finding and correcting the true source. If the source is moisture laden air moving up through the house from the crawl space called (stack effect), the problem will return if the cause of excessive moisture in the crawl space is not permanently corrected. Standing water in the crawl space is a serious problem and should be eliminated by making sure gutters are clean, down spouts is extended away from the house, proper grade around the foundation and in some cases a crawl space drainage system. Although a crawl space that never has standing water can be just as destructive. High levels of moisture can occur from increased humidity entering the crawl space through the foundation vents in the summer. Remember the higher the temperature of the air the more moisture it can hold in the vapor form (humidity). When this moisture saturated air enters an area with cooler temperatures like a crawl space the moisture in the air will condensate and turn too physical water on surfaces that are cooler such as floor joist, sill plates, sub floors, middle beams and soil or vapor barriers. It is much like taking a cold glass of tea outside on a hot humid day and in seconds the exterior of the glass will form water on it. This is caused by the hot humid air hitting the cold glass and the moisture in the air condensates and turns to water. The crawl space should be considered just as important as any other part of the house. A permanently dry crawl space can save the home owner thousands of dollars by preventing structural damage and mold problems throughout the house and is healthier for those who reside in the home. Plus a permanently dry crawl space will create energy savings. Encapsulating a crawl space by sealing the ground, foundation, foundation vents and all other entries to the crawl space from outside air is the best way to protect the health of your home and everyone who lives in it. Encapsulation should be done with a 12mill nylon reinforced membrane along with a commercial grade dehumidifier/air purifier. A properly encapsulated crawl space will change the environment in the crawl space that will prevent mold and structural wood damage. Plus a properly encapsulated crawl space will save on average 25% on energy costs if the home has a full crawl space. For more information on crawl space encapsulation or to schedule a free crawl space inspection call 317-828-7897 or visit


  1. what is the R value of this product?

  2. We have a crawl space in our home and I haven't known what to do with it until now. I know that we need to get our space waterproofed soon and now I just need to hire someone. Would you happen to know of someone I can hire in Dover?

  3. I have a crawl space that is like a rain forest right now. It is so humid and damp in there it is disgusting. Something definitely needs to be done. I think there is a leak somewhere. I didn't realize that waterproofing your crawl space can lead to energy savings. Sounds like a win-win to me. I will get someone on that asap.