Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Many home owners with crawl spaces under their home who discover they get standing water in their crawl space after a heavy to moderate rain realize they must do something. Too often they make a decision to install just a sump pump and instantly they have a false sense of security. Yes it is true if your crawl space gets a foot of water at times a sump pump will prevent the crawl space from holding that much water as long as the pump works. Although a sump pump will lower the amount of water in the crawl space, what have you really accomplished? Let’s face it most sump pumps are installed close to the crawl space entry for maintenance purposes. So when the home owner opens the crawl space entry and sees 1-2 inches of water in places instead of a foot of water throughout the crawl space and sees the pump working they feel better. In truth a very damp crawl space is the same as a crawl space with a foot of standing water. They both produce 100% moisture in the crawl space air. This will then increase the moisture levels in the structural wood and will create an environment in the crawl space for wood destroying fungi growth and increased potential for mold growth in the living area above the crawl space. It is not the physical water that is doing the damage, but rather it is the amount of moisture in the air that is doing the damage. A very damp crawl space is the same as having a foot of water throughout the crawl space. If all the gutters are clean and the down spouts are draining away from the house properly with proper grade around the foundation and the crawl space still has standing water after a rain, the crawl space is most likely affected by a high water table. The only remedy in this case is a crawlspace drainage system. For best results the crawl space should also be encapsulated. Don’t be fooled by the Sump Pump only FALSE Sense of security. If you think you might need a drainage system, call 317-828-7897 for a free inspection or visit

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