Friday, October 9, 2009

How Your Crawlspace Can SAVE YOU MONEY This Winter

For many homeowners the thought of their crawlspace saving them money is not one that happens to often. The fact is in many cases a crawlspace can be an area that homeowners can achieve the most energy savings in their home. This energy saving accomplishment can be achieved by installing a crawl space encapsulation system. Homes that do not have an encapsulation system in the crawlspace will traditional have much higher moisture levels than those homes that do have an encapsulation system. Homes that have higher moisture levels spend more money on energy. This is due to a few different reasons, one being the fact that it is harder to heat and cool air that has a high moisture level, making you furnace or a/c unit work harder than it needs to. Also, homes with high moisture levels have more energy going to drying out the air than needs to. Again making your furnace or a/c unit work harder. Many crawlspace homes that have these high moisture levels can attribute them to the crawlspace itself. High moisture levels in the crawlspace will typically mean high moisture levels in the home. The natural air flow of a home is from bottom to top. So essential whats in your crawlspace is also in your home and is carried up into the living area by this natural air flow or stack effect. So if moisture levels can be reduced or eliminated in the crawlspace this would at the same time do the same for the upstairs living area. And the most effective way of accomplishing this would be to completely seal off the crawlspace from the outside environments that are causing your crawlspace to have these high moisture levels. Moisture gets into the crawlspace from block seepage, moisture rising up through the ground, or unconditioned air coming through your crawlspace space vents. So by sealing off these areas the homeowner has eliminated the chance of moisture from these areas getting upstairs into the living areas. Thus saving on energy cost due the amount of energy that now has to be used to heat and cool a dry home, compared the amount of energy used to do the same on a damp, wet home. Although energy savings is an amazing and proven benefit of the encapsulation system, it is by far not the only great benefit of the system. Additional benefits include elimination of mold/musty smells, cold floors in the winter, future wood damage issues, creation of a much healthier living condition, drastically reducing the chance of mold growth, and so much more. To find out how you can save energy and benefit from all the additional perks of an encapsulation system visit or call 317-828-7897

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  1. Thank you for the great suggestion! I was hoping to get an Energy Star stamp for my home, so I'm looking for stuff that can help me save energy, and the same time, help the environment. I guess it's time that I should look for a contractor who can do all that remodeling. MN (Minnesota) based construction people are easy to find there. In fact, I've hired them before to have my house undergo major remodeling. Minnesota is a cool place to live in, and when I say "cool", I meant it could get really cold sometimes. I'm having the house remodeled, not just for that Energy Star thing, but also to save money, just as you've said.