Thursday, August 13, 2009

Indiana Crawlspace Problems

Being in this type of industry my entire life I have come to realize a few things about Indiana crawlspace. First thing, every crawlspace is different. There are no two that our the same. Second, Indiana crawlspace get water and lots of it. With the type of ever changing weather, heavy rains, and soil make-up that exist here in Indiana it makes every crawlspace a potential problem for many homeowners. Whether it be a health risk with mold, a structure issue with wood rot, or a realtor's nightmare for a sell. I not only hear about these problems on a daily basis, I see them first hand. Many of these problems start out small but the fact is many homeowners just don't go in their crawlspace to catch it in time. And why would they. It smells, it's wet and moldy, it's hard to get in and out of, to only mention a few reasons. The good news is that their are companys that do these kind of inspections for free. And that many crawlspace problems are permanently fixable. For example, water in a crawlspace can be addressed by many different solutions depending on the situation and causes of the water. These solutions can range from downspout extensions, grading outside to sump pumps, drainage systems and much more. The one thing to remember when realizing you have a crawlspace problem is that it can always be fixed.
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