Friday, January 20, 2017

Indiana Crawl Space Mold Remediation

SwainCo. HydroSafe Crawl Space Mold Remediation 

100% Safe Mold Remediation Process

What is HydroSafe Mold Remediation
Most crawl space mold remediation services are not only costly, but they are also performed by using an array of potentially harmful chemicals. In face, some of these mold remediation techniques require homeowners to vacate their house during the process and can leave long lasting odors in the upstairs living areas. SwainCo. HydroSafe Crawl Space Mold Remediation process eliminates much of the health concerns that are posed by using other mold remediation techniques. This is accomplished by using a much less toxic application applied to the areas of mold growth. The product used is an 8% strength hydrogen peroxide and 92% water mixture. This process is also known as the Carolina Protocol.

How Does It Work
The SwainCo. HydroSafe Crawl Space Mold Remediation utilizes a relatively new and effective proven method of mold remediation called the Carolina Protocol. The Carolina Protocol involves the use of an 8% strength hydrogen peroxide as the cleaning agent. The 8% strength hydrogen peroxide is applied to the areas of mold growth on the structural wood in the crawl space, causing the mold to be destroyed by a process called oxidation. This is the same process that takes place when, like many of us have, applied hydrogen peroxide to a small cut on our hand. After hydrogen peroxide is applied to a cut we see a bubbling action take place shortly after. This bubbling action is the bacteria in the cut being destroyed by oxidation. Although the hydrogen peroxide used to clean cuts is of a less strength, the same oxidation process that destroys the bacteria in the cut is the same oxidation process that destroys the mold growth.

Crawl space mold remediation does not need to be so time consuming, costly, or unhealthy for the homeowners. SwainCo's process of crawl space mold remediation is done is in 3 easy steps. SwainCo. also provides additional services to treat the underlining issues that caused the mold growth in your crawl space to begin with. Some of these additional services may include crawl space drainage systems, crawl space vapor barriers, or crawl space encapsulation systems. To find out more about our crawl space mold remediation process click here. If your Indiana crawl space is a problem crawl space click here to find out how SwainCo. Crawl Space and Basement Repair can transform your unhealthy crawl space into a dry, mold free, healthy crawl space.


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