Monday, July 26, 2010

Indiana Crawl Space Access Doors

Crawl spaces in Indiana are notorious for many things. Water, moisture, mold, termites, ect.. But their is something that tends to fly under the radar when Indiana homeowners began to discuss their crawl space and it's problems; a crawl space access door. A crawl space access door can play a major role in keeping a crawl space problem free. A properly installed crawl space access door can keep unwanted water from entering the crawl space during heavy rains. It can keep unwanted moisture out during those hot, humid summer days. Another big benefit to a properly installed crawl space access door is the fact that it can also help keep pest and creepy critters from entering your home via the crawl space. The crawl space access door should be able to be latched shut easily. It should have a metal frame for the door itself to easily fit into. Many homes in Indiana lack either one or both of these when it comes to their crawl space access door. At SwainCo.,LLC we install some of the most affordable crawl space access doors in central Indiana. We also have a wide range of options, including various sizes and even a waterproof sealed crawl space access door. To find out more visit or call 317-828-7897


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  2. Having a safe and clean access door to a crawlspace promotes maintenance and access in an emergency . Obviously an intelligent choice

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