Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Mold is Good Mold

A question I seem to get asked often when noticing signs of mold growth in a homeowners crawlspace is whether or not this mold is bad mold, or harmful mold. For this question to be answered one would have to know what type of mold it is. There happen to be estimates that range from thousands of different types of mold to hundreds of thousands of different types. So to be sure on the exact type of mold a homeowner has or even if it is mold, one would need to have it sent off and tested by mold growth experts to determine the type of mold it is. Without going through the headache and exspense of testing mold, perhaps a better answer would be to just simply eliminate any mold growth in a crawlspace best as possible. And of the most effective ways of doing this is to take away one of the things mold needs to survive, MOISTURE. Although their are all kinds of mold sprays or paints that are designed to stop current mold growth, they don't address the cause of mold growth. Meaning a homeowner has to continuously spray every so often to insure that they have no active mold. But if the cause of the mold growth reduced or even eliminated this could save a homeowner hundreds of dollars in the long run by not having to spray the mold so often, hiring a company every other year to do this. A homeowner may also save money by preventing damage to structure components of their home that can be caused by mold growth. But even better is the fact that a homeowner can have a better piece of mind knowing that the upstairs environment is now a healthier environment to live in when there isn't the presence of mold in a crawlspace. In the long run, preventing or stopping moisture issues in a crawlspace, out way the benefits of many other methods that deal with stopping mold growth. To find out more visit or call 317-828-7897
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  2. Love your sketch!
    I agree that dealing with laminated piping would probably turn out to be a huge PITA.
    Maybe you could find ready-made piping that’s glossy enough to be easily wiped clean?

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